From High School Entrepreneur to Designing OU Women’s Basketball’s Warmup Shirts The Journey of J Betts

Black Student Association public relations chair Jordan Betts holding the shirt she designed for the OU women's basketball team

Jordan Betts, once a budding artist from Broken Arrow, transformed her early venture of selling handmade t-shirts from her car into a noteworthy collaboration with the University of Oklahoma’s women’s basketball team. Initially recognized for her graphic designs within her high school’s Black Student Association, Betts caught the attention of Tyus Hooks, an assistant coach for the Oklahoma women’s basketball team, who proposed a collaboration for designing team apparel.

Despite a period of silence following their initial contact, Hooks reached out again, tasking Betts with creating a t-shirt for Black History Month, to be worn during National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Embracing the challenge, Betts aimed to capture the essence of women in sports, leading to the slogan “Create HERstory”. This design process involved the creation of unique characters, championship elements, and a celebratory backdrop, culminating in a design that represented the achievements and history of women in sports.

The unveiling of Betts’ design coincided with a game against TCU, where the Oklahoma women’s basketball team showcased her shirts during their warm-up, marking a significant milestone in Betts’ career. This event, coupled with the team’s victory and the recognition of Betts’ contribution, highlighted the successful fusion of sports and student-led artistry.

Betts’ journey from a high school entrepreneur to a celebrated artist at a major sporting event exemplifies her talent and ambition. Her experience with the Oklahoma women’s basketball team not only fulfilled a personal dream but also set the stage for potential future endeavors in the sports apparel industry. As Betts continues to develop her brand, 405 University, she remains open to new opportunities while cherishing the impactful collaboration that bridged her artistic passion with the world of sports.

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