Scottie Scheffler mugshot t-shirts are everywhere at the PGA Championship hours after Scottie Scheffler arrest

In remarkable footage the world No 1 golfer was seen being led into a police car at Valhalla

Dramatic Arrest and Release of Top Golfer Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler, aged 27 and ranked World No 1, faced a shocking confrontation when police detained him at Valhalla Golf Club. The incident unfolded on a tense Friday morning as he attempted to arrive for his second tournament round. Scheffler, now grappling with four criminal charges including second-degree felony assault, allegedly injured Detective Bryan Gillis during the altercation. This occurred after Scheffler, instructed to pull over, accelerated his vehicle with Gillis reportedly trying to hold onto the car as it sped away.

The situation arose after a fatal accident at Valhalla, which caused the day’s events to be delayed by an hour and 20 minutes. Despite the severity of the incident, which Scheffler described as a “big misunderstanding,” he was booked into jail and then released in time to make his 10am ET tee-off.

In a striking turn of events, fans rallied behind Scheffler, with many sporting t-shirts featuring his police mugshot accompanied by the slogan ‘Free Scottie’ Shirt. Some shirts even depicted Scheffler wearing a gang-style bandana, adding to the dramatic visual support. Additionally, Barstool Sports capitalized on the moment by launching their own line of Scheffler mugshot t-shirts, with founder Dave Portnoy openly supporting the two-time Masters champion.

Golf fans wasted no time in knocking up Scottie Scheffler t shirts after his astonishing arrest
Golf fans wasted no time in knocking up Scottie Scheffler t shirts after his astonishing arrest

According to reports, the initial confusion began when Scottie Scheffler tried to navigate around what he mistook for security personnel, not realizing they were police officers who then commanded him to stop. ESPN detailed that one officer attempted to cling to Scheffler’s car, leading to a further confrontation where Scheffler was forcibly removed from his vehicle, handcuffed, and subsequently taken into custody.

The Louisville Police officially detained him at 6:01 AM as he was trying to enter the course. Despite the broader restrictions, players had been informed they could pass through the gates. Following his arrest, news spread rapidly, and he was processed by the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections at 7:28 AM, requiring a change into an orange jumpsuit before his release at 8:40 AM.

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Scheffler returned in time to begin his second round at the PGA Championship
Scheffler returned in time to begin his second round at the PGA Championship

Incident Involving Golfer and Police Officer

Golfer Scott Scheffler faces multiple charges following an incident where he allegedly failed to comply with police instructions, leading to an officer being injured.

He reportedly faces the following charges, per Wave3:

  • Second-degree assault of a police officer, which is a felony.
  • Third-degree criminal mischief.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic.

The incident occurred under chaotic circumstances after a tragic accident that had happened earlier in the day. Scottie Scheffler, in a statement, mentioned that the situation was confusing and he misunderstood the instructions given by the police officers at the scene. He expressed his regret over any misunderstanding and conveyed his intention to focus on the golf tournament. He also extended his deepest sympathies to the family of the individual who died in the earlier accident.

Free Scottie Scheffler Mug Shot Shirt
Free Scottie Scheffler Mug Shot Shirt

Later, a police citation detailed the sequence of events leading to Kentucky detective Bryan Gillis being injured. Detective Gillis was managing traffic at the Valhalla Golf Course entrance following a road closure due to a fatal collision. He was in full Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) uniform and a high-visibility yellow reflective rain jacket when the incident occurred.

The citation explains that Scheffler was attempting to enter the golf course and drove into the opposite lane to avoid traffic congestion. When Detective Gillis stopped him to give instructions, Scheffler reportedly did not comply and accelerated his vehicle, causing the detective to be dragged to the ground. As a result, Detective Gillis suffered injuries to his left wrist and knee and required hospitalization. Additionally, his uniform pants, valued at approximately $80, were damaged beyond repair.