Kevin Hart’s Hilarious Debut on ESPN’s NBA Unplugged Kevin Hart mocks Stephen A Smith’s purple suit on Unplugged

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Comedian Meets Sports Commentary

Kevin Hart, the renowned comedian and actor, recently debuted on ESPN’s NBA-focused alternate presentation, “NBA Unplugged with Kevin Hart.” The show, which aligns with the NBA In-Season Tournament Championship Game, features Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz adding a fresh, entertaining twist to basketball commentary.

A Playful Jab at Stephen A. Smith’s Fashion

Hart’s roast was well-timed and delivered with perfect comedic timing. He waited until the perfect moment to deliver the punchline, and the audience erupted in laughter. Hart is a master of comedy, and he knows how to make people laugh. He is always quick with a joke, and he always knows how to deliver it perfectly

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In a notable moment, Hart playfully mocked sports TV personality Stephen A. Smith for his vibrant purple suit, humorously commenting, “This is not the premiere of the Color Purple. John Witherspoon just called from heaven and said he wanted his shirt back.” This lighthearted jab brought laughter from both the audience and Smith himself, adding a comedic flavor to the sports analysis.

Hart’s Impact on Sports Broadcasting

Kevin Hart’s entrance into sports commentary highlights his versatility as an entertainer. His mix of comedy and insightful observations offers a unique and enjoyable way for viewers to experience basketball games, running parallel to the serious analysis on the main ESPN network.


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