Heart Health in Focus Homage Teams Up with Denzel Ward’s Foundation for a Life-Saving Shirt cardiovascular propaganda

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Combating Heart Disease Homage and MTKYN’s Shirt Collaboration for a Cause

Homage, an esteemed creator and merchant of retro sports and pop culture clothing in Ohio, has initiated a partnership with cornerback Denzel Ward’s heart health initiative, the Make Them Know Your Name Foundation (MTKYN), to launch a T-shirt promoting cardiac wellness.

This collaboration was unveiled on Wednesday, with Homage and MTKYN showcasing a Denzel Ward Make Them Know Your Name Browns Shirt featuring an image of Ward in his iconic celebration dance, a gesture known from his significant defensive plays. The T-shirts are set to go on sale on Thursday at the Browns Pro Shop located within Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The primary aim of this partnership is to bolster the Make Them Know Your Name Foundation’s efforts to combat the widespread heart disease epidemic. The foundation actively engages in mitigating heart disease and healthcare disparities by providing educational programs and resources to the Cleveland area and beyond.

Driven by a personal tragedy, Denzel Ward articulated the foundation’s poignant backstory. “Make Them Know Your Name is a heart health foundation born from the profound loss of my father to cardiac arrest,” Ward explained. “My family and I are dedicated to building a legacy that heightens heart health awareness across communities, striving to avert the kind of loss we endured.”

Denzel Ward Make Them Know Your Name Browns Shirt
Denzel Ward Make Them Know Your Name Browns Shirt

Championing Heart Health A Community’s Rally Cry

The foundation is dedicated to providing CPR training, AED equipment, and community education to foster a heart-healthy lifestyle and combat heart disease. Last year, they donated a significant sum to a local heart institute to kickstart a heart health educational program.

Ward mentioned the pivotal role his mother plays in the organization, describing her as the backbone and praising her for elevating the foundation’s profile and outreach. The foundation actively hosts events to promote heart health awareness in the community.

Additionally, Ward shared his excitement about a T-shirt featuring his name, team, and foundation, along with an image of him performing his signature celebration, which he describes as feeling like a rock star. This celebration is something he’s encouraged fans to emulate to boost the stadium’s energy.

The T-shirt will be available for purchase during the final home game of the Browns, with part of the proceeds supporting the foundation’s mission to spread heart health awareness.

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